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Using a CMMS to help improve maintenance
The benefits of implementing a maintenance management software are greater than most people realize. By tracking and analyzing the maintenance being recorded, you will be able to gather the needed information to reduce equipment downtime. Most maintenance downtime can be reduced by adding common maintenance tasks on a Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedule. Other maintenance activities can be grouped together to save time, prevent downtime, or may just be necessary. Whatever the case may be; maintenance should be tracked in a easy way, and also in a format which you can easily analyze. This sounds a heck of a lot simpler than it really is. If you are bombarded with tons of paper work orders, improving maintenance is not going to be very easy. The paper maintenance management system will do you no good unless you have someone that will only sit there and go through the work orders. In today's time that is not feasible. Compared to the benefits you receive the costs associated with a CMMS will be recovered within 3 years, if not sooner.

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Failure Codes

Another feature within a CMMS / EAM that provides an enormous benefit is the use of failure codes, some are called error codes.  The failure codes provide the user creating work orders an easy way to identify the type of maintenance that will be performed, why they are doing the work, and the mode in which the equipment was performing.  The failure codes should be predefined and easily selectable.  This will reduce the time it takes to create a work order and improve the ability to analyze the maintenance data.
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Work Instructions

Work Instructions can be very beneficial if used correctly. Work instructions provide your maintenance personnel a check list or reminders of things to do while performing the work. APIPro CMMS can have the work instructions attached to the failure reasons. So when certain failure reasons are used the maintenance person can select from a predefined list of things to look at or fix.

The above mentioned items are very important when implementing your CMMS. These items will improve the information you gather and later provide better information to analyze.

You can now be in control of your maintenance costs. You no longer have to worry about getting called at 2 am about what to do when your equipment is down. When you have your EAM implemented, you can worry about the things that matter - like reducing maintenance costs to increase your bonus...
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